LCD Animation: JAWS

PComp at Parsons 2014

This was quite an intensive (at least for me) project. In case you’re wondering the piezo doesn’t play nicely with Mavericks. Every other time I uploaded the code with the music (ish) portion, my computer shut down. It’s a brand new retina pro. That shouldn’t happen and it never has except for with this fun activity. You know what I finally remembered to do after the sixth time it shut down? Save the damn thing.

Anyway, I made a little Jaws tribute. I thought the waves would be the hardest part, but once I got them working once, they were a breeze to replicate. Turns out counting spaces was a big challenge. And, you know, learning to read sheet music. As one does.

Also sometimes it’s in binary, sometime’s hex, sometimes dec. Just for fun.

Here’s my code.


SoftwareSerial LCD (6, 7);
int man = 0; //oddly 0 doesn’t…

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