Gaurdians of the Galaxy Trailer: “Who?!?”

Nerd Swole

The latest Marvel movie trailer debuted this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Behold, the first trailer for Gaurdians of the Galaxy.

So what did we just see?

Well we have our five heroes. They are not the Avengers, the X-Men, or the Fantastic Four. This is their first on screen-debut, unlike the Avengers, who each had major, if not supporting roles, in all of the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Everything viewers are about to learn about these characters is going to happen within the movie. John C. Reiley’s role as Rhomann Dey, an officer in the Nova Corps, begins to digest what everyone is thinking: Who are these guys?

First we have Chris Pratt as Star Lord aka Peter Jason Quill:

The reluctant leader to almost cohesive team. Barely a leader to an almost cohesive team.

Easily taking away most of the limelight and showing some snark that a Mr. Stark debuted with not 6 years ago…

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