Ceres Couple Allegedly Sold Fake Disneyland Tickets On Craigslist

CBS Sacramento

CERES (CBS13) – A Ceres couple was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly selling fake Disneyland tickets to people on Craigslist.

Israel Velasquez, 32, and Jessica Melendez, 33, are facing 41 criminal charges stemming from a scam in which they sold thousands of dollars in fake Disneyland tickets to unsuspecting people via the online classifieds, according to a statement made by the Ceres Police Department.

Police were alerted to alleged activity on Oct. 1, 2013 after a woman claiming to have been scammed by the couple called a Modesto Bee reporter and said she showed up to the park with the tickets she bought from Melendez, only to find they were fake. A police investigation also turned up two separate incidents when Velasquez sold the fake tickets to people.

Melendez and Velasquez were found to have outstanding warrants. When police went to their residence to serve the warrants, a parolee search…

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